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with intuitive CACFP software

The MyFoodCloud CACFP Software is easy to start, easy to use, and easy to switch to.

myFoodCloud CACFP Software

Spend less time completing CACFP Forms

Get Started Quickly

Easy to Use

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What Makes myFoodCloud Better Than Your Current Solution?

Totally Digital

Absolutely NO PAPER recordkeeping required! Print your records as needed.

Save Time and Money

Save time and money with MFC's fast meal count system & one-click meal production record!

One-Click Functionality

Most daily requirements can be completed with a single click.

Director's Dashboard

Easily access the status of your child care food program anywhere and anytime.

Detailed Results Report

You always know how your food program is doing with myFoodCloud monthly reports.

Optimized for mobile Devices

MyFoodCloud is compatible with IOS, Android, MAC, and Windows.

"The Plan" to get started.

1. See It In Action!

Schedule a demo to see how myFoodCloud can improve your childcare food program.

2. Implement The System!

We use your information to set up the system. You'll have a turnkey app waiting on your arrival.

3. Enjoy!

Get back to taking care of your main priorities. You'll have peace of mind knowing your daycare food program is under control. ​

CACFP Management Software Made Easy.

Read what others are saying about MyFoodCloud

No more chasing parents for CACFP enrollment forms!

"Having the parents enter all of their enrollment/income form information directly into the software and not having to worry about paper forms/incomplete forms saves so much time and aggravation. It’s easy to keep up with the forms and easy for my parents to quickly complete the forms."

CACFP Training and support that really work!

"Not only were we trained and ready to go with confidence when we started myFoodCloud, anytime we need help it’s easy to connect with myFoodCloud staff, and they get us back on track quickly!"

Completing CACFP daily meal count forms without mistakes is bulletproof with this CACFP software!

We struggled for so long with ensuring that daily meal production records were completed correctly. myFoodCloud does all the work for us. No more trying to figure out CACFP menu item quantities. We can take care of this with a single click and our staff loves the software!

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